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Our Garden Center offer large selection of goods for gardeners and flower lowers. On an inside area of about 30 m2 you can found cutting flowers, gifts, chemical preparations and fertilizers, soils and many other things. On an outside area in size of 400 m2 we offer different perennials, deciduous and coniferous ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit trees and of course, also many hostas and daylilies…

No all cultivars we offer in our E-shop are present also in our Garden Centre. Because of space limitation, we usually offer 40-50 hosta, ans about 10-20 daylily cultivars for direct sell.

  • In the store you can buy:
  • Ornamental deciduous and coniferous trees.
  • Annuals.
  • Insecticides, herbicides, goods for plant weed control, fertilizers.
  • Seeds of ornamental plants.
  • Cutting flowers.

In winter, the store is changing into the typical gift shop. You'll find candles, scented oils, ceramics, small toys... Come and choose the right gift!