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Our 100 % Guarantee

If, for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, just return it to us. We promise to exchange the item or return your money in full. 

Prior to accepting shipment it is necessary that Customer checks whether the parcel is damaged or not. Damaged parcels have to be claimed directly at the postman.

When Customer unpackage the parcel, he is obligate to check, whether the plants are delivered in the required amount and type according to the attached documents. If a Customer finds irregularities, or if any plant is damaged due to excessively long delivery time or any other reason, the Customer has the right to

  • ask for substitution of the missing or damaged goods,
  • require a reasonable discount on the purchased price.

To assess the viability of the plant and the subsequent delivery of replacement goods, it is necessary that the Customer contact our company by phone Number 00421 (0) 907 237 791.
When the equivalent good is supplied, the Supplier is entitled to require from Customer to return the goods, to the Customer cost, event that it is damaged or destroyed.

To settle the complaint is valid, contact us as soon as possible by e-mail: or To assess whether a complaint is adequate, please send your invoice with the delivery note and a photograph of the claimed goods immediately upon receipt. We send decision about complaint within 3 days of receipt of the complaint. To processing of the complaint do not last longer than 30 days from the date of the claim. The complaint cannot be applied to plants that have been damaged or destroyed as a result of delayed or awaiting acceptance by the Customer. In this case the Customer is not entitled to claim!