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Production fields


Our production areas have been built up gradually since 2000 and recently renovated in autumn 2012 and spring 2013. The total production area is 2500 m2

We buy only healthy plants from reputable growers. In the past, several times we have changed our suppliers, because we were not satisfied with the quality of their products.

♦ Our employees are trained in how to recognize early symptoms of disease and other pest. Plants that appear the first symptoms of damage are regularly removed and destroyed including the soil. The pot is cleaned and sterilized.

♦ In the hosta production we do not use the same soil two times.


Our production areas are not open for public. If you want to visit us, please contact us by email on or call us by phone and ask for time and conditions of visit. 

♦ For multiplication of plants we use instruments that are regularly sterilized after each plant solution of Clorox 1:10.

♦ Some of the plants that we buy directly from in vitro producers and they are 100 % guaranteed healthy.

♦ The areas are regularly inspected by state inspection offices, workplace UKSUP focusing on the presence of invasive organisms and plants are tested for HVX virus.