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Why Eurohosta


♦ We offer plants, that are hard to find in large supermarkets and shopping centers. In some better ones you can buy 3-5 cultivars of hostas or daylilies, but very often of unknown origin and of uncertain name. Shopping centers cannot offer only hostas and daylilies, but they have to offer much wider range of plants as annuals, roses, perennials, climbing plants, ornamental trees and shrubs... So they can hard to compete, in number and selection of cultivars, with such specializing companies as we are.

We are not dealer - shop from the producer

♦ There is currently about 50 000 plants on our production fields waiting for you. 

♦ Every year we adding new cultivars trough purchasing them from reputable nursery and propagating centers celestially from Poland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and USA..


The quality of our products - buy healthy plants fully adapted to Central European conditions.

♦ We grow plants on the production fields in central Slovakia, in common conditions. We are located at an altitude of about 280 a. s. l. The coldest month is February with average temperatures varied between -2.5 - -3.0 ° C and the warmest months are June and August with average temperatures varied between +17 - +19 ° C. Winter´s maximum reaches -30 ° C and summer maximum reaches +33 - +35 ° C.

♦ All plants are planted in square pots. Overwinter on the external conditions without any protection.

♦ We pay attention to the health of the plant. Plants are regularly tested for the presence of HVX by ImmunoStrip ® company Agdia.

♦ We use organic methods to reduce population density of snails (parasitic nematodes) in combination with registered chemicals for controlling diseases and pest insect. Check publication about pest species published in France in 2013 by my husband.



Many years of experience

♦ We have been on the market since 2004 and during that time we have gained a lot of experience with growing these unique plants. We also shearing our experiences with other gardeners.

Low price 

♦ Our prices are lower than the average prices in the EU or U.S. and reach only 50-70 % of them. This price level we reach thanks to our effective system of plant propagation, purchasing plants from in vitro producers and expertise of our staff.

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Packaging without compromises

♦ Plants we pack by hand. Each plant is pre-shipment carefully selected, inspected for pest and diseases and finally packed. Each plant is labeled with name, so you can be sure what cultivar you bought.

The authenticity of cultivars

♦ Our principle is to offer only the true to the name cultivars and from this principle we are not willing in any way to retreat. In the case that, for some reasons, we lose certainty about what cultivar it is, plants are offered at discounted prices in the product " Mix "

User friendly webpage

♦ Easy to navigate e-shop allows you to shop easily from the comfort of your home.

♦ This site would have not been able to create without the cooperation of several people, whom we want to thank so much. First it is Mr. Vladimir Mirka, who helped us a lot with valuable advices and provides us with a wide range of beautiful photos. Furthermore, it is a skill of company Zebu-Webdesign, who promptly reacted to our requirements. Our site is full of pictures and it is due to the fact that many people kindly allowed us to use their pictures. Thank to people from USA, the Netherlands and Slovakia. Thanks John Gamradt, Don Rawson, Don Backer, Janice Fessel, Paul Jondahl, Vanessa Chaborek, Karen Skedgell and all other.