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Plant´s size on delivery


We deliver our plants in pots or as a bare rooted - free roots. All plants are labeled with name of the cultivar (expect a “mix“-type collections).

Plants delivered as bare rooted

Plants are grown in our garden under common conditions in pots.  We care they have rich roots system. Before we put plants into the package, we pick out them from the pot carefully, remove the soil and we pack roots into the wet paper. Then such plants are inserted into the package and delivered to the customer.

This type of system we use by hostas, hemerocallises, peonies, bleeding hearts and some other species. There are also another plants which are commonly sold without soil, for example fruit-trees, roses, irises, clematises and others. 

Picture 1. The size of plant on delivery depends on cultivar and season. In spring, plants are delivered in form of 1-3 buds. Plants delivered in summer are bigger and they have already leaves. 1a-c: Plants delivered in spring. 1d: Plants delivered in summer.

Benefits of this kind of packing:

-  If plants are treated with care and the quality of packing is on high level, this kind of packing does not have negative consequences to the next growing of plants. Especially if we send dormant (sleeping) buds in the beginning of spring. For hostas and hemerocallises we have used this type of packing successfully for many years.

-  This system significantly saves your shipping costs and reduces our costs of production. Because of this, we can offer you much bigger selection of cultivar than other gardeners can.

How to plant plants delivered as bare rooted

Plants have to be planted immediately after you get them. The majority of perennials prefer well-drained soil. Too wet soil may cause rooting. In case of plants, which like sunny positions, you have to choose place with 6 hours sunlight daily at least. Plants which prefer semi-shade,  need about 2 hours directly sunshine per a day. Full-shade plants (for example hostas), require wet, ritch soil and minimum semi-shade.

Remove and destroy packaging material in which roots were packed. Put roots into container with water for 10-20 minutes and then plant them.  

Plants delivered in pots

We deliver plants in pots in size 9 x 9 x 10 cm. Plants are safety packed in plastic boxes, so there is no risk they will be damaged during delviery. Size of plants significantly depends on cultivar and season. It is normal that plants are a bit smaller in spring. Most of plants delivered in summer can have good developed leaves and they are bigger. Do not worry if you will get a bit smaller plants in spring. After you plant them, they will grow up rapidly.

Picture 2 2a: Heucheras delivered in spring. 2b: Helleboruses, echinaceas and heucheras in the summer size. 2b-c: Plants safely packed in plastic boxes before expedition.

How to plant plants delivered in pots

Take out plants from the pot carefully. Roots are very often very dense and it is necessary to make them free mainly on the bottom side. Do not be afraid to remove also a part of the soil from the bottom side of roots to clean it up. Then you can put roots into the created hole and fill up by soil. Water them regularly.