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When is the best time to order the plants?

Please, order your plants via e - shop, by phone, email or letter as soon as possible. There is only a limited number of plants in stock for some cultivars. Orders are executed based on a „first come, first serve“ rule. Please do not ask us to process your order preferentially withouth having serious reason.

Do you replace cultivars that I ordered by the others?

No. We'll send you only those cultivars that you have ordered. We do not replace missing cultivars.

What happens, if I order and pay plants during the winter and they will not be available during the spring?  

It can happened, as plants are weather and pest sensitive and may happened, that we cannot send ordered plants as they were damaged by frost, pest or any other reason.  In this case, we return the money for the missing cultivars.

If I have already ordered and paid for the plants, but the plants have not yet been shipped, can I re-order more plants?

Yes, you can, but the new order will be processed separately and will be process based on the date of ordering. Both orders will not be joined together but they will be processed as two separate orders.