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Our plants


Sale of high quality and healthy products is our top priority!

♦ Plants are grown in our garden under common conditions. We grow plants in square pots 11 x 11 x 12 cm or 13 x 13 x 13 cm respectively according their size in maturity. We grow plants at an altitude of about 280 m a. s. l. As hostas need shade condition, we give shadow to our plants using professional shading system by Rovero - Agro 640 push -pull system with automatic irrigation. Plants are during the summer regularly fertilized and especially organic fertilizers are used.

♦ Our plants are fully aclimatized to European condition. We grow plants on the production fields in central Slovakia, in open field conditions. We are located at an altitude of about 280 a. s. l. The coldest month is February with average temperatures varied between -2.5 - -3.0 ° C and the warmest months are June and August with average temperatures varied between +17 - +19 ° C. Winter´s maximum reaches -30 ° C and summer maximum reaches +33 - +35 ° C.

♦ We provide an intensive control of snails. We collect them manually and, use parasitic nematodes and granular baits.


♦ Since the beginning of our business in 2004, we have pay a big attention to the presence of the HVX virus. Until today, this virus has not been found on our fields. But this virus spreads rapidly and very quickly across the EU and the nature is full of living organisms, when in air exist billions of molecules, it is virtually impossible for any nursery, including ours, absolutely guarantee that their plants do not have any disease. Unlike dealers, we have a chance to inspect the plants before they send them to our customers, which increases our chances to detect any disease and pest before spreading in our nursery or before shipping. The nursery apply strict quarantine measures including: avoid repeatedly use the same soil in the production, sterilization is working tools etc. Our employees are informed and trained to determine the pest and disease and they use shoes, plastic gloves and tools, which are used in our production areas exclusively.

♦ Our suppliers we select not only according the price of the products they offer, but also according the quality and health status of their plants.


♦ The only reliable sources of clean plants are TC culture. They are used in production since 2010.

♦ Plants offered in our catalog have 1-2 leaf buds and are ready for planting or resale.