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To which countries do we send the plants?

Plants and goods are shipped to all European Union countries. Customers from third countries should contact us at and ask for delivery conditions.

Which company is used for delivery?

Plants are delivered by GLS. GLS General Logistics Systems is an international company in the field of transport. Shipment will be delivered to your address.

When are the plants delivered?

Plants are delivered in spring (April- June) or in Autumn (September –Oktober)

How long does transportation take?

Delivery takes to the neighboring countries about 1-2 working days. To the other takes 3-7 days. Plants are packed save, so even 7-10 days lasting transport do not cause any damages the plants.

How do we send the plants?

Information, how plants are sent, you can find on the product page, in the "Other information" part.

a) Plants are sent as a bare rooted. Bare rooted plants are packed to travel through the mail to you. Before wrapping, the soil is carefully removed from the pot. Roots are washed and treated with fungicide in order to prevent fungi contamination. The treated plants are individually packed in packaging paper to maintain bit moisture. In this way, we reduce the weight of the package and thus we save your budget. After planting the plants do not have any problems to root well soon and continue to grow fast.

b) Some plants are sold in a pot (9 x 9 or 11x11 cm). Such plants are packed into blisters to be protected from transport damages. Plants in pots are heavier than bare rooted plants. Therefore, each potted plant is calculated as 3 units for the needs of postage.

Example of calculation of postage in case you order 9 plants (5 bare rooted plants + 4 potted plants).

- 5 x potted plant / for postage is it count as 15 units (5 x 3)

- 4 x bare rooted plant / for postage is it count as 4 units 

You will get together 9 plants. From the point of package weight, postage is calculated for 19 units (15 + 4).

Postage to EU countries - all prices exclude VAT.

Plants ready for putting into parcel. 


Plants in the parcel.


Parcels ready for delivery.