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Hosta - Size


Mini cultivars

Mini hosta cultivars are between 10 and 15 cm tall. Despite their size, you can cultivate them just like any other hostas. They are ideal for pots and very nice like a bonsai. Be careful they do not forfeited, planted in a flower bed next to very large perennials. Let them stand out; segregate them in the garden on a special place where you can plant more of them in one place. Basically plant them on the front edge of a flower bed or on the curb.

Hosta Hideout

Small cultivars

So are labeled those hosta cultivars with high from 15 to 20 cm. They are excellent for pots, into small gardens and shaded places in rock gardens. Grow them as bonsai on the balcony. They are very nice as group plants. Many of them are very attractive, often with striking, large flowers. Fundamentally and plant them on the front edge of a flower bed or on the curb.

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears

Hosta Platinum Tiara

Hosta Platinum Tiara


Medium cultivars

So are labeled hostas with are high from 20 to 50 cm. This includes most of the cultivars. Size at maturity depends on habitat, soil and care. Most of them suits for part shade to shade, moderately moist soil and regular fertilization guarantee good growth. Planted in pots reach 1/2 to 2/3 the size of plants planted in soil.

Medium sized cultivars

Hosta First Frost

Hosta Firn Line

Hosta Ethernal Flame




Large cultivars

Large cultivars can reach height of about 50-80 cm. This category includes several massive perennials, which can become a real landmark in the gardens. When planting them take into account, that their space requirements are large and therefore will need to have the appropriate space. It is usually planted as a specimen plant in a flower be, often in the background of the garden. Maximum sizes reach under optimal conditions. They are especially plants for the free soil and only some cultivars (smaller) are suitable for planting in pot.

Hosta Forbidden Fruit

Very large cultivars

Some cultivars grow up to 80, 90 or more centimeters. They need lots of water, especially in spring. Generally they do not like drought especially during the summer months. Plant them in shade place. They are dominating in the garden. They are not suitable for pots.

Hosta Empress Wu

Hosta Blue Mammoth