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Hosta Blue Belle

Dense clumps of blue-green leaves. Growing rapidly and blooming with pale purple flowers.
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Blue Belle

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  • Hosta Blue Belle - Eurohosta
  • Hosta Blue Belle - Eurohosta
  • Hosta Blue Belle - Eurohosta
  • Hosta Blue Belle - Eurohosta


This cultivar has oval to heart-shaped very firm leaves. Their color is greenish-blue to blue-green. Blooms with pale purple flowers in midsummer. Similar to 'Blue Cadet' but has less intense blue leaves. On our pictures is taken a plant planted many years in the garden and the light condition were so specific, that they showed its blue color more intensively as it is in reality.

How to grow hostas

Save light shade to shade place in your garden to plant hostas. Filtered sun is best for the colorful varieties to reach their full color contrast. The green and blue hostas are the most shade-tolerant. Usually the yellow cultivars are the most sun-tolerant. The most dangerous is a direct sunshine, especially hot afternoon sun. This is the most critical where temperatures are high. Variegated varieties, especially those with a lot of white in the leaves, burn very easily. Blue color of leaves turns to green-blue or even fully green with too much direct sun. Plants with thick leaves are better suited for dry soil conditions than thin-leaved ones, but none is able to grow years-long in very dry soil. Plant hostas in moist, humus-rich soil.

Water your hostas well immediately as you plant them. Give them water regularly during their first one or two growing season.

Hostas grow slowly and may take 2 to 5 years to reach their full size, longer for the largest species and cultivars. Reserve a plenty of space in your perennial bed for hostas. Most of them are medium sized or large perennials. Hostas are almost fully disease and pest resistant. The most dangerous injury can by caused by slugs, snails and deers. 

Additional Information

Plant Size Medium   Spacing (h x w) 40 x 100 cm
Leaf Size 13 x 10 cm   Growth Rate Medium
Leaf Color Blue   Leaf Color (Center) No
Leaf Color (Margin) No   Red "legs" No
Slug Resistant Yes   Sun Tolerant No
Flower Color Lavender   Wavy Leaf No
Flower Fragrance No   Sun Exposure Partial Shade
Hybridized by E. Smith & BHHS   Year of Registration 1990
Supplied as free roots  

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