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Hemerocallis - diploid ver. tetraploid


What is the difference between diploid and tetraploid daylily?

All plants have a certain number of chromosomes. Most plants have two identical sets of chromosomes in each cell. But there are also those which have three identical sets of chromosomes - triploid or four identical sets of chromosomes - tetraploid and so on.


Tetraploid daylilies

Growers appreciate the tetraploid cultivars to have the following quality:

  • They have larger flowers.
  • Flowers have more intense color.
  • The stems tend to be thicker and stronger.
  • They have thicker leaves with intesive colour.
  • Have a larger number of chromosomes and therefore ther are more suitable for breading.

Tetraploid hemerocallis Evelyn Kloeris.

Tetraploid Hemerocallis Eye On America.

Tetraploid hemerocallis Wonder of it All

Diploid daylilies

Growers appreciate the diploids cultivars have the following quality: 

  • They have more beautiful pink flowers.
  • Spider like cultivars and double daylilies are more beautiful as diploids.
  • They are easier to cross than tetraploids.
  • There is more diplods than tetraploids.
  • Diploids are longer on the market, many of the old cultivars are extremely durable and adapted to growth in the different conditions.

Diploid hemerocallis Love That Pink.

Diploid hemerocallis Tropical Passion